The Team Behind Flow

The awesome people who make Flow the best task app for teams.

  • Andrew Wilkinson


  • Luke Seeley

    Product Director

  • Jake Paul

    Product Manager

  • Bjarne Mogstad

    Web Developer

  • Billy He

    Web Developer

  • Ali Bosworth

    Web Developer

  • James Phillips

    Web Developer

  • Rose Pritchard

    Web Developer

  • Ian Hoar

    iOS Developer

  • Jessie Jones


The Tech Behind Flow

The technology we depend on to make Flow the best in its class.

  • Ruby & Rails

    The Ruby programming language is like us: focused on simplicity and productivity. We rely on the Ruby community's generous open source projects to stay nimble and iterate quickly.

  • Backbone

    Backbone.js is the foundation of Flow's responsive and stable web app. Paired with CoffeeScript, Backbone takes the stress out of building and organizing a complex client-side app.

  • GitHub

    Somewhere in the depths of our team's workspace is a task to write a sonnet about GitHub. Without it, we wouldn't have a place to write lengthy comments about cache invalidation and naming things.

  • Middleman

    Building this site wouldn't have been fun without Middleman, our favorite way to use dynamic engines like Slim and Compass for static website publishing.

  • Thorax

    Thorax is the framework on top of Backbone's foundation. Solid conventions and Handlebars integration have saved us countless hours and headaches.

  • Heroku

    We depend on Heroku and its healthy ecosystem to deploy Flow to scalable, stable, and secure cloud servers.

Flow won’t run on your browser. To deliver the best possible experience to our customers, we took advantage of the latest web technologies that aren’t supported by your browser. As such, we can only safely support the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Learn more at