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Stay up to date

  • Dashboard

    Catch up with everything you've missed and see what everyone's working on.

  • Instant notifications

    Everyone's notified about updates to their subscribed tasks in real-time.

  • Synced Tasks and Lists

    All task and list changes are synced so everyone's always on the same page.

  • Filter Dashboard items

    View all activity that's happening or just for tasks you've subscribed to.

  • Edit inline

    View, edit, and comment on tasks without ever leaving the Dashboard.

  • Task history

    Track all the changes to tasks alongside comments and attachments.

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Manage your team

  • Full team list

    View everyone involved in a workspace and all of their tasks.

  • Guest members

    Include temporary collaborators that only see what they're invited to.

  • Auto-reassignment of tasks

    Easily reassign someone's task at once when they're removed from the team.

  • Subscribe people to tasks

    Subscribe people for notifications on any task to ensure they stay in the loop.

  • Delegate tasks

    Assign (and reassign) tasks to whomever's responsible.

  • Filter tasks by person

    Drill down to a specific person's tasks in any shared list.

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Manage your work

  • Create tasks easily

    Create tasks wherever and whenever with the powerful and accessible task form.

  • Add attachments

    Attach files from your computer or Dropbox to any comment. View them instantly.

  • Include subtasks

    Give each task detailed steps to completion by adding subtasks.

  • Task history

    Each task maintains its own list of updates, comments, and attachments.

  • Repeat tasks

    Set tasks to recur and easily view all copies together.

  • Tag

    Add tags to tasks to apply a deeper level of organization.

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Increase effectiveness

  • Five levels of work

    Keep things structured with workspaces, groups, lists, tasks, and subtasks.

  • Multiple views

    Arrange work by assigned, flagged, subscribed, or delegated tasks.

  • Soft deletion

    One click delete lets you recover tasks and lists later if need be.

  • Archive

    Unclutter your workspace and review accomplishments later.

  • Keyboard accessibility

    Do anything from your keyboard. Work faster and use your mouse less.

  • Comment formatting

    Spruce up your comments with bullets, bolding, blockquotes and more. Markdown-enabled.

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Work together

  • Collaborate in the task pane

    Keep every discussion and attachment recorded in a task’s history.

  • Real-time updates

    Comments, edits, and changes show up as they’re created – no need to refresh the page.

  • @Mentions

    Alert someone to your comment, to be sure they don't miss it.

  • Comment Likes

    Like any comment, to show teammates that you've read it and agree.

  • Live typing indicator

    Similar to instant messaging, see when people are writing comments.

  • Invite-only lists

    Create private collections of tasks with just the people that matter.

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Work from your inbox

  • Email digests

    Receive customizable digests of your due, delegated, and completed tasks.

  • Email Notifications

    Receive activity notification emails instantly, every hour, or summarized daily.

  • Comment via email

    Respond to any task email notification to instantly leave a comment.

  • Customizable settings

    Choose which email notifications you want to receive, to which address, and how often.

  • Send tasks to flow

    Send, delegate, and detail tasks to from any email app.

  • Email attachments

    Attach files to emails to attach them to your new tasks.

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Schedule your effort

  • Modern calendar

    The calendar scrolls infinitely–no more clicking back and forth between months.

  • View the way you like

    Organize your due tasks into a flat list or familiar calendar layout.

  • Sync to your calendar

    View your due tasks in your favourite calendar app, on your mobile or desktop.

  • Filter tasks

    Focus on your own due tasks or step back and see the entire's team week at once.

  • Drag 'n Drop

    Drag one or many tasks between days to quickly reschedule them.

  • View entire days

    Select any day to view all tasks due that day—you can quickly create tasks here too.

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Plan with flexible lists

  • Organize tasks

    Drop tasks into lists to keep related tasks organized together.

  • Privacy

    All lists are shared by default, but you can choose to invite a specific few.

  • Filter bar

    Search for tasks by person, keyword, due date, or tag.

  • Sort drop down

    Rearrange tasks by due date, assignee, or by drag and drop.

  • Quick task in lists

    Swiftly whip up tasks inline in any context.

  • Shared list sidebar

    Everyone sees the same organization and ordering of lists in the sidebar.

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Stay mobile

  • Fully-featured

    Do almost everything you can do on your desktop with our mobile apps.

  • Customize your experience

    Set up the tab bar to show your favorite views, like Dashboard and Delegated.

  • Mobile Dashboard

    Quickly catch up a recent activity within any workspace with the Dashboard.

  • Push notifications

    Receive instant push notifications wherever you have an internet connection.

  • Capture ideas

    Easily capture new ideas as tasks wherever you are–never forget.

  • Fast, fast, fast

    The iPhone app has been optimized to be faster than ever.

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Learn Flow quickly

  • App tour

    Take a high-level tour of Flow to learn the basics and get a sense of what's offered.

  • Feature tutorials

    Step through the core features of Flow like creating tasks and lists.

  • Knowledge Base

    Our Support Center offers articles detailing the important features of Flow.

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Help when you need it

  • Human support

    A real person from our office will respond to you promptly–usually within a few hours.

  • Help on every page

    Click the Support button from anywhere in the app to find a solution.

  • We listen

    Like our support button, you can provide feedback from anywhere in the app.

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Always looks good

  • Retina support

    Flow is 100% compliant with retina displays so nothing looks blurry on your brand new display.

  • Pixel perfect

    Our world-class designers have worked hard to make Flow beautiful and easy to use.

  • Responsive design

    Our app will naturally adjust itself to browser windows of any size.

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Built for performance

  • Loads quickly

    We’ve built our app for speed and fluidity by improving our API and enabling smart caching

  • Smooth drag & drop

    Reorder and move tasks, lists, and people reliably – even between windows.

  • Fast search

    Look for people, tags, tasks, and keywords from the global workspace search in the sidebar.

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Keep your data secure

  • Secure data

    We are Certified Level 1 PCI compliant to ensure your data is highly secure.

  • Automatic backups

    Your data is saved every couple seconds in case something goes wrong.

  • Export everything

    Feel free to perform manual back-ups of your data at any time.