The Team Behind Flow

The awesome people who make Flow the best task app for teams.

  • Andrew Wilkinson


  • Luke Seeley

    Product Director

  • Jake Paul

    Product Manager

  • Bjarne Mogstad

    Web Developer

  • Billy He

    Web Developer

  • Ali Bosworth

    Web Developer

  • James Phillips

    Web Developer

  • Rose Pritchard

    Web Developer

  • Ian Hoar

    iOS Developer

  • Jessie Jones


The Tech Behind Flow

The technology we depend on to make Flow the best in its class.

  • Ruby & Rails

    The Ruby programming language is like us: focused on simplicity and productivity. We rely on the Ruby community's generous open source projects to stay nimble and iterate quickly.

  • Backbone

    Backbone.js is the foundation of Flow's responsive and stable web app. Paired with CoffeeScript, Backbone takes the stress out of building and organizing a complex client-side app.

  • GitHub

    Somewhere in the depths of our team's workspace is a task to write a sonnet about GitHub. Without it, we wouldn't have a place to write lengthy comments about cache invalidation and naming things.

  • Middleman

    Building this site wouldn't have been fun without Middleman, our favorite way to use dynamic engines like Slim and Compass for static website publishing.

  • Thorax

    Thorax is the framework on top of Backbone's foundation. Solid conventions and Handlebars integration have saved us countless hours and headaches.

  • Heroku

    We depend on Heroku and its healthy ecosystem to deploy Flow to scalable, stable, and secure cloud servers.