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The Team workload view in Timelines allows you to determine who’s working on what and what their week looks like at a glance. This helps you better plan for projects and ensure that the work is distributed evenly across your team. 

One of the trickiest parts of managing a team of people is knowing what everyone is working on at any given time and distributing tasks evenly amongst the group. The Team Workload view in Timelines was created to address the complexity of this and help remove the guess work.

To access this view click “Timelines” In the navigation bar. Then click “Team Workload” on the page that opens. 

Team Workload 2

In this view, you have the ability to view your teammates’ tasks in three ways: the Calendar view, the Days view and the Weeks view. 

Team Workload 3


The Calendar view is available to all users, whether you’re on a Pro or Standard plan. It allows you to see your teammates’ scheduled tasks on a  conventional calendar view or in a list sorted by person. To toggle between the two, just click the ‘v’ next to the calendar/list link and select an option from the dropdown.

Team Workload 4

The calendar view will show your team’s tasks in date cells; you can scroll up and down to view past or future dates. You can also create tasks directly on the date you want them to be due by hovering over a date cell and clicking the “New Task” link that appears. 

Tip: You can also click the white space in the date cell to open a new task creation pane and to view all the tasks due that day. 

Team Workload 5

If you want to quickly edit the due date on a task, just simply drag and drop it to the new date. This will automatically update the task and notify any subscribers. 

Team Workload 6

This list view contains the same data, but in list form. Like in the calendar view, you can quickly reassign tasks to other users by dragging and dropping them over another user’s section. 

Team Workload 7

In this and other Timelines views you can filter by team or workgroup by clicking All Teams. To filter a team or workgroup out, just click the checkbox next to its name in the dropdown. Whenever you want to see it represented on the calendar again, just click that checkbox again. 

Team Workload 8

Days (Pro feature)

The Days view retains the straightforward calendar view, but further clarifies who’s working on what with the addition of an assignee sidebar on the left and a side-scrolling timeline calendar. The sidebar will show the user’s name and avatar, as well as the teams that they belong to. 

Team Workload 9

If a user is assigned a task during the period you’re viewing, it will appear on the timeline on the right (in line with their name/avatar). To view past or future dates click the arrows on either side of “Today” in the sub-navigation. You can see which dates you’re viewing at the top of the timeline. 

Team Workload 10

You can collapse users in the sidebar so that their tasks no longer appear on the calendar. Just click the v next to the name in the sidebar to collapse or expand. In date cells where collapsed users have tasks due, you’ll see a bubble with the number of tasks due on that date, but no task details. To see them, just click on the task bubble and the user will be expanded again. 

Team Workload 11

As with the Calendar view, you can quickly drag and drop to reassign tasks or to change their due date and create new tasks in the date cell by clicking the New Task link.  

Weeks (Pro feature)

The Weeks calendar provides the same timeline view as the Days calendar but gives you an even higher level perspective, with a greater emphasis on deadlines. The sidebar on the left shows the task assignee and the basic task details while the timeline shows when they’re due. Scroll down to see other users’ tasks and left and right to move forward or backward on the calendar. 

Team Workload 12

As the name suggests, the timeline is broken up into weeks—you can see which week and date a task corresponds to a the top of the timeline. Tasks are indicated by circles on the timeline and will take on the colour of the project they appear in (if one is set); an abbreviation of the day of the week that the task is due will appear at the centre of the circle while the task is open. If the task has been completed, a checkmark will appear in the circle. 

Team Workload 13

In the sidebar, you can choose to sort the tasks in the user’s section by due date or by project. To change the sort, just click the “Sort by” link at the top of the sidebar and select an option from the dropdown. 

Team Workload 14

To view to a task in the task pane from this view just click the circle on the timeline. To adjust your position on the timeline to see a particular task without having to scroll a lot, hover over the task name in the sidebar and click “Jump to task.” 

Team Workload 15

Like the other Timeline views, you can filter out particular teams and workgroups by clicking “Teams” in the sub-navigation and then clicking the checkbox next to the name to select/deselect. 

Tip: You can also quickly filter by a specific project by holding Option on your keyboard while clicking the project name in the sidebar. 

To access the Days and Weeks views you must be on a Pro plan. To learn more about our Pro plans and what they include, head here. You’ll also be able to opt-in to Pro-only features during the free trial. 

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