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Team members have access to any project shared across the team, while guests only see the projects that they have been invited to.

Team roles determine which projects the teammates who share your teams have access to. Team "members" have access to any project shared across the team (they still have to be invited to private or invite-only projects), while "guests" only see the projects that they have been invited to. You can see who is a Member or Guest in the team by clicking the "Members" link at the bottom of the task sidebar.


This opens a popover where you can toggle between a Members tab and a Guests tab. You can scroll through the list of users or use the Search bar at the top of the popover to quickly locate someone.


If you click the "Guests" tab, you'll see all the Guests in the team along with the projects that they have access to. Organization Owners can hover over a guest's name in the Guest tab to reveal an edit icon that will allow them make changes to the projects the guest has access to.


Clicking the edit icon will move you to a new popover page where you can add or remove projects the guest has access to, upgrade them to a "Member" in the team or remove them from the team entirely.


To add them to more projects in the team, simply click into the projects field at the top of the popover and start typing the name of the project and a list of suggested results will appear. Click the project name to add to the list. When you've added the project(s) click the blue Save button to apply the changes.


Upgrading a team "guest" to a team "member" will give the user access to any shared projects (private/invite-only project will still require an invite). To do so, click the "Upgrade [member name] to a full team member" link at the bottom of the popover. You'll be asked to confirm the change; click "Yes, upgrade [name]" to go forward with the upgrade or click "No, cancel" to return to the popover window.


You can also remove a guest entirely from the team here. To do so, click the "Remove [name] from all projects in the team" link at the bottom of the popover. This opens a right-hand panel where, you'll be asked to confirm the removal. If the user has any open tasks in the projects you'll be asked to either complete them or reassign them to another team member. When you're ready, click "Remove [name]" to complete the process.


You can also remove team "Members" from teams in the popover by hovering over their name and clicking the x that appears on the right side. As with guests, you'll be asked to confirm the removal and reassign/complete any open tasks they have.


Clicking the user's name will open a right-side panel where you can view all the teams they have access to and quickly jump to view their tasks in each. This option is available with team guests as well.


Please note that you can upgrade guests to members, but you cannot downgrade members to guests. You can learn more about inviting guests to your team in this article.

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