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If a task isn't yet actionable or a task doesn't belong to anyone yet, leave it unassigned so you and your teammates can reassign or claim it when the time comes.

Sometimes a task isn’t immediately actionable when you create it, which can make it hard to decide who to assign it to. In these instances, you can leave a task unassigned so it can be claimed or assigned at a later date. Unassigned tasks can also be used as project notes, open ended tasks, or to keep track of future ideas that don’t have an outline just yet.

If you want to create an unassigned task, simply leave the assigned field blank when creating a new task or editing an existing one. Tasks created in shared projects will default to unassigned.

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Existing unassigned tasks display a “Claim or Assign this task” link next to the task title in the task pane.

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To claim a task—assign it to yourself—click “Claim.” Once you’ve claimed a task, it will display “For You.”

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Click “Assign this task” to delegate the task to someone in the team. Start typing a name in the field, select from drop down and click “Save” to finalize.

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All unassigned tasks in a team can be located in the Unassigned view, in your Tasks tab. If you're looking for something new to work on, you can always go there and claim a task or two.

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