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Completing tasks 2 minute read

Click the checkbox beside a task to mark it as complete. You can choose to keep completed tasks visible by setting that preference at the team level.

When you’re finished with a task, you can click the checkbox (to the left of the task name) to complete it. 

You can also quickly complete a task by hitting Shift-C on your keyboard.
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Once you do, a check mark will appear, the task name will grey out, and the task will disappear from the active project. Even though it’s no longer active, you can still find this task by using the global search in the top right of the app or by clicking the “View Completed Tasks” button on the bottom left side of your project and searching manually.

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Clicking "View Completed Tasks" button will bring you to a page that lists all completed tasks for that project, as well as the date that they were completed. 

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In some instances, you may need to reopen a completed task. To do so, just click the check mark to restore the empty checkbox. Your task will be added back to the active project it was originally in.

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If the task you’re looking for was filed in a project that has been completed/archived, you can still use the global search bar to look for it or click the "View Archived Projects" button on the bottom left of the project dashboard to search for it manually. Archived projects must be restored before the tasks in them can be reopened.

Once you're viewing the right archived project, click the "Restore" button to re-add it to your project dashboard.

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Clear Completed Tasks Manually

If your organization would prefer to see completed tasks in the active project view to keep track of how much is being completed each day or week (and to see how much there is left to complete), you can enable the clear completed tasks manually feature for individual teams.

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To do so, click the organization icon in the top left and select "People & Teams" from the dropdown.

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Then click the '...' next to the name of the team you want to enable the preference in and select "Edit Team" from the dropdown. 

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On the "Edit Team" dialog, toggle on the switch next to "Clear completed tasks manually." 

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Going forward, any tasks you complete will remain in the project view with a green check mark next to the task name. 

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To clear them, simply click the "Clear Completed Tasks" icon on the bottom left side of the project view.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift-^-K to clear your completed tasks more quickly.

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