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When sharing your thoughts in a task comment, you can include attachments and format the words to provide clearer context.

Leaving comments on tasks

Tasks are a great way to localize discussions and share files with other people. Below the task detail fields and activity, you’ll see a comment box. Click to expand, type your comment and then click "Post" or hit Command-Return (Ctrl-Enter on Windows) on your keyboard to post and save.


You can edit or delete your comment or attachment by clicking the "Edit" link in your comment.

You can also edit your previous comment by hitting the up arrow on your keyboard.


Click the 'Like' thumbs-up icon next to a comment to quickly sign off on it or to provide positive feedback for teammates.

If the discussion is running a bit long, you may want to jump into chat to work out all the details before hopping back into the task.

Attaching files to tasks

To add an attachment to your task activity, click the comment box to expand, and click "Attach Files" to choose where to upload files from. You can upload from either your desktop or from Dropbox. You can also drag files from your desktop to the comment box. Click Post or hit Option-Return (Alt-Enter on Windows) on your keyboard to post.


You can leave comments and attach files on tasks inline on Catch up and All Activity.

Task Activities

Any action taken on a task will be logged as an activity in the task pane and will appear collapsed by default. You can show the hidden task activities by clicking “[Number] updates collapsed”.


To hide them again, hover over an activity and click “Hide”. Your preference for this is personal to you, so collapsing or expanding activities won’t affect anyone else’s view. Collapsing or expanding activities on one task will also affect how they are displayed on all tasks, and Flow will remember which view you prefer.

Using the Visual Editor

If you want to make a task comment clearer or more readable, Flow’s visual editor is the way to go. 

You can enable the visual editor, or the Markdown editor if you require more advanced formatting, in Account Preferences.


Once you’ve done so, simply type your comment, highlight the text and the editor will appear above it.


The visual editor allows you to bold, italicize and hyperlink text, as well as indicate block quotes, code and create numbered and unordered lists. Just click on the available icons to see the formatting appear as it will when posted.


The editor can be used in both the task form and for inline comments on the dashboard.


Mentions are a great way to direct a comment at someone to ensure they responded as quickly as possible. You can mention assignees, subscribers, or teammates not yet subscribed to the task by simply typing @ before the user’s name in the comment form.


When the suggested users dropdown appears, you can either select a name from the menu or type the complete name and hit Enter to add it to the comment.


You can also click "Mention" below the comment form to insert the ’@’ symbol; simply type the name of the team member to mention. The mentioned user will be notifed via in-app notification and email notification (if their preferences are configured to receive them) but will not be automatically subscribed to the task.

You can also use @mentions in chat by @mentioning teammates by name or mention everyone in a chat room using @Everyone. Anyone mentioned will be notified.

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