Leaving projects 3 steps

You can leave any private project to which you've been added if you no longer need access to it. Here's how.


If you’ve been invited to an invite-only project, you have the option to leave it any time. To do so, open the project you want to leave, click the ... button in the top right side of your project view and select "Leave project" from the menu that appears.

Tip- You can also leave a project from the sidebar by clicking the smaller v icon that appears as you hover your mouse over any project.
Leaving Projects New 1

If you are assigned tasks in the project, you have the option to reassign them to another organization member who is still a project member. Just type and select their name from the field and "suggested" dropdown.

Leaving Projects New 2

When you’re ready to finalize this decision, click "Leave."

Leaving Projects New 3

Once you’ve left a project, the only way to regain access to it is to be re-invited by another project member with access. 

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