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Creating Projects 3 steps

Projects in Flow are a key piece in how you'll organize your team's work. Here's how to create them, with privacy in mind.

Projects are perfect for relating similar tasks and organizing your team. By default, projects are shared with everyone in the team, but you can also make them private or visible to a select number of members.
Creating Projects New 1

To create a new project, click the blue + in the bottom left of Flow. You can also click the white + bar below your projects.

Creating Projects New 2

First name your project.

Creating Projects New 3

Next, select your default project view. List view will arrange your tasks vertically, while Kanban will display them in a horizontal timeline. You can read more on Kanban here.

Creating Projects 4
Creating Projects New 5

Automatic access to a project by team members depends on whether the team is locked or unlocked. If locked, adding General and Limited team members to your project will add them as team Guests by default. If the Team is unlocked and you invite a General organization member to a private project, they will be added as a Member and can make changes to the project. If you invite a Limited organization member to an unlocked team, they will be added as a Guest, preventing them from making any changes to the project. 

Tip: You can tell if a team is locked on the Teams page if there is a lock icon next to the name.
Creating Projects New 6

You can make changes to who the project is shared with by clicking the '...' icon in the top right side of your project and selecting "Edit Share Options."

Creating Projects New 7

This will open a panel where you can see who has access to your project, make changes to the current settings, and invite guests to the project.

Tip: You can create new shared projects from within the Task Form by entering a new project name in the respective project field and clicking the + suggested option when it appears.

You can also add start and end dates to projects; to learn how, head here

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