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View all scheduled tasks and projects in a team in the Calendar view. It's the easiest way to stay on top of what you and your team are tackling, week by week.

The Calendar view makes it easy to view all the scheduled tasks and projects in a team. It's a great place to head if you're planning your next project or to get a better sense of what your teammates are working on day by day. You can move into the future or back to a past date simply by scrolling up or down. 

Task Calendar


You can click on any task name, to view its details, or click on a date cell to open a project of all tasks due that day.


Overdue tasks will remain on the day they were due, so you may need to scroll back in the calendar to view or complete them.


You can also choose whose tasks you want to see on the task calendar by clicking the "tasks" dropdown above the calendar. You can choose to view Everyone's Tasks (meaning all scheduled tasks in the team) or My Tasks (all scheduled tasks assigned to you), as well as choose whether to view them in the calendar form or in a list view. 


Project Calendar

You can also view your scheduled projects in the calendar view by clicking "All Projects" next to the Filter bar. 


Here, you can see at a glance what the proposed start and end dates for your projects are, whether they're on schedule or not, and if they've been completed. Blue indicates that a project has not yet begun or is on schedule, orange that a project is behind schedule, red that a project is overdue, and green that a project has been completed (but not yet closed.) You can also tell how many tasks remain incomplete. 


Additionally, you can hover over a project in the calendar to see more detail, like who the open tasks are assigned to and how many tasks have been completed. You can also quickly adjust the start or end date of a project by hovering over the edge of the project and dragging and dropping it to a future or past date. 


Finally, you can quickly see all the tasks due on a certain date in those projects by hovering your cursor at the top of the date cell and clicking the "View tasks" link when it appears. 

Create & Manage Scheduled Tasks

To schedule a new task in the Calendar, just click a date to open the New Task pane. Here, you can enter the name of your task and then click the task menu buttons to add the task to a project, change the due date, assign or subscribe other organization members, and add tags. Once you’re happy with the details you’ve entered, click into the task name field and hit `Enter` on your keyboard to save.

If you just need to change the due date, drag and drop the task to a new date. You can do this with multiple tasks at a time—simply hold down Command/Ctrl on your keyboard, select the task names and drag and drop them into place.


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