Archived projects 4 steps

When all scheduled tasks are done, the project can be completed.

When you’ve completed all the tasks in a project and want to remove it from the sidebar, you can archive it.


To archive a project, open the project, click the '...' icon in the top right side of the project (above the project view) to open the actions menu, and select "Archive Project".

Tip - You can also complete a project from the sidebar by clicking a smaller v that appears as you hover your mouse over any project name.

If, at some point, you want to restore this project to the sidebar along with your active projects, click "Archived Projects" in your Favorites menu, and select your project.


Once in the project view, click '...' on the top right hand side of the project view, and select "Restore project" from the popover menu.


In the next view, confirm the restoration and add the project back to your sidebar by clicking "Restore project"

Once the restored project is returned to the sidebar, you can start creating tasks in it again right away. If you want to reopen tasks that were completed during or before the archival process, you'll need to click "View Completed Tasks" at the bottom of your project and manually reopen by clicking the checkmark next to the task. If you want to add this project to a group, you can do so using drag and drop.

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