Creating an organization 6 steps

Work with more than one business, and want to keep tasks, chat and billing separated? Creating another organization in Flow is the way to go.

If you work with different businesses and want to keep not only your tasks and chat separated, but your billing as well, creating another organization is the way to go. You’ll use all the same information to login, but none of the data created in other organizations will be accessible between them, and billing information is not shared between. If you want to work with other businesses but keep billing under one plan, you may want to create a new team instead.


To create an organization click the v icon next to your organization name on the left side of the blue nav bar to open up the Preferences dropdown and then select “Account Preferences.”


Once in Account Preferences, scroll down to the “Organization” section and click the green “Create a new organization” button if you don’t already own an organization or click the v icon next to the organization name and select “+ Create a new organization” from the dropdown menu. This will start a new organization, which means you’ll begin a new 15 day trial, after which you’ll be asked to select a payment plan..

Note that this option will only appear if you are not a member of an organization that is currently on a trial. 


After you’ve confirmed that you want to start a new organization, the next step is to add some more information about it. First you’ll name your organization — it can be the name of a company or department, like “Flow Marketing,” or something more descriptive — and add some details like your company website and your reasons for checking out Flow. On next steps you'll also let us know what kind of work your team does and what departments will be using the app and how big your team is. 


Next, you'll have the option to set up one or a few new teams in this organization. If you're not sure which you need, start with one; you can always create more teams down the road. 


You can also select which chat tool, if any, you and your team will use. Currently, you can choose to use Flow's native chat tool, integrate with Slack (if you already have an account), or select neither if your team has another system in place. 


Finally, you can enter the email addresses of the teammates you plan to work with in this new space. If you haven't quite decided yet, don't worry. You can invite more users to your organization at any time on the People page, directly from a team, chat or project invitation form.

Now you'll be taken to your new organization to get cracking on the next big thing. Not sure what to do first? Start by creating a project and then some tasks

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