Managing Organizations

Creating an organization
Work with more than one business, and want to keep tasks, chat and billing separated? Creating another organization in Flow is the...
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Inviting Organization Members
Learn to invite new team members to your organization.
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Setting Organization Roles
Organization member access to Flow can be set at the organization level and the organization level.
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Removing organization members
Removing someone from Flow will take them out of all organizations and give you the option to reassign their tasks to someone...
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Organization Settings
Use the organization settings modal to make organization management pain-free, rename your organization, and edit default chats and organizations for new members.
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Switching organizations
It's possible to be a part of multiple organizations using Flow. To switch between them, click the `v` next to your organization's...
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Leaving an organization
Leave your organization in Flow by visiting the People page and clicking your avatar. You'll be presented with the option to leave...
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Disable your organization
When you no longer need to use an organization and want to clear it and any data created in it, you can quickly disable...
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Support Articles

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