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Once you've enabled Slack in your Flow account, next link your projects and teams to channels for easier task creation and helpful project updates. 

Once Slack has been enabled in your organization and your account is linked, there are a few other things to do to make the integration really sing. Linking a project or team means that when you create Flow tasks from Slack they will be filed in that project/team by default. Linking also enables project updates in that channel, meaning you'll receive live updates about changes to tasks and projects right in Slack whenever there's new activity. You can read more about project updates here.

Linking a project

To get started, you can link a project to the channel using 

/flow link-project PROJECT $TEAM 

So, for example, if your Marketing department is working on a homepage update and wants to link their #marketing channel in Slack to that project in Flow, they'd enter

 /flow link-project Update Homepage $Marketing


Linking a team 

As with projects, linking a team to a Slack channel is useful because it means that tasks you create in that channel will be filed in the linked Flow team by default. It will also enable project updates, so any time a project is changed or created in the team, you'll see it captured in the channel feed.

To link a team to a channel, type:

/flow link-team TEAM 

For example, to set the Marketing team for your #marketing channel, you'd enter: 

/flow link-team Marketing


If you aren’t sure whether a channel has a set team or project, you can check by entering:

/flow status

If the project is linked to a project or team already, you'll see it listed here along with the current noise level of project updates.

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