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Link your Flow teams and projects to Flow to receive live updates about new activity in those spaces. 

​There’s nothing worse than missing an important update because you didn’t have Flow open at the time it was sent. We recognize that not everyone can work in Flow all day long, so we’ve made it really simple to enable task activity-related notifications directly in Slack. Here’s a quick guide on getting started.

Link Flow to Slack

If you haven’t already linked Flow to Slack, get a team owner to enable it in organization settings. You can get detailed instructions on this here.

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Linking a Flow Project to a #channel

To enable Flow activities in a Slack channel, you’ll need to link it to a project. Type: 

/flow link-project Project Name $"Team Name"

Here's an example of what it'll look like when it's all filled out (quotes aren't needed for single-word team names:

/flow link-project Website Redesign $"Marketing Team" 

You can see if a channel is already linked to a project by typing:

/flow status

You can also link your channel to a team. When you do so, updates from every public project on that team will be displayed in the channel.

To do so, enter: 

/flow link-team Team Name 

Linking a Flow project or team to a Slack channel means that you can create tasks without indicating the project or team to file it in, and you can also get updates in Slack whenever something changes in those spaces. 

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Choosing a Project Activity Noise Level

Once linked, Flow activities for this project will start to appear in the linked channel as they happen. The default level of activity is set to most but you can change this by specifying a different noise level. 

You can make things quieter by typing the command:

/flow activities some 

… or if you’d like more detailed updates:

/flow activities all 

You can also enter 

/flow activities off 

to keep project activity updates from appearing in the channel. 

Here are the kinds of activities you can expect from the different settings:

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That’s it! You’re good to go. We hope you enjoy staying up to date on your projects in Flow and Slack.

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