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If you need a bit of quiet time to plow through some tasks, you can turn off notifications in Flow and Slack right from Slack using focus mode. 

Notifications are great for alerting you to new developments in tasks and projects and for keeping you on the same page as your teammates. But it's helpful to tune them out every now and then to focus on the work that needs to get done. Focus mode already exists in Flow to mute notifications for a set period of time, but now you can also enable it right from Slack to turn off Slack and Flow notifications. 


To get started, make sure that your Flow organization owner (if not you) has enabled the Slack integration in Organization Settings and that you've linked your account. You'll find the steps for this here

Once your account is linked you can access the various Flow commands available in Slack. To enable focus mode from Slack just enter the following in any channel:

/flow focus DURATION

For example, if you wanted to mute notifications for 30 minutes, you would type:

/flow focus 30m
Tip: You can indicate hours using h, i.e., /flow focus 1h

Doing so will turn on "Do not Disturb" in Slack and your notifications will be muted for the duration you entered. Teammates who send you direct messages during this time will receive a notification that you have "Do not Disturb" enabled and will let them know when you'll be available again. 


The focus command also turns on Focus mode in Flow. Focus mode mutes notifications too, but in Flow. If you turn it on from Slack it will be remain on for the duration you entered. Like regular focus mode, the blue nav bar will turn white and your notification centre will appear x'd out. 


If you wrap up early and need to turn focus mode off, just enter:

/flow focus off

You can also disable focus mode by switching it off in Flow; just click the focus toggle to the left of the search bar and wait for the nav bar to turn blue again. 


Note that you can disable focus mode in Slack and Flow by disabling it in Flow manually, you cannot disable it by turning Do Not Disturb off manually in Slack. 

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