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Send messages to your teammates in Flow using chat rooms or direct messages. You can mention someone (or everyone), attach files, and add emoji.

Please note that chat is only available in legacy accounts created before March 5, 2018.

Sending messages to other organization members in Flow is what chat is all about. It’s easy to send quick one-off comments or longer, beautifully formatted messages.

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To send a message in chat simply click the box at the bottom of either your chat room or direct message where it says “Write a message…”.


The best way to get someone’s attention in a chat room is to @mention them. When you @mention someone in a chat room, similar to tasks, they will be sent an in-app notification, as well as a desktop notification if they have them enabled.

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@Mentioning teammates ensures that they see your message and, most importantly, know that it’s meant for them to see. You can @mention single users or multiple users at a time.

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You can also get the attention of the whole room by @mentioning “everyone.” Doing so sends everyone in the room a notification, making it extremely useful for company/organization announcements, reminders, and much more.

Uploading Attachments to Chat

Discussions in chat are always improved with a visual, whether it’s a wireframe for a client, a contract for HR, or gif to celebrate someone’s birthday. There are two ways to add an attachment to chat.

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The first way is to use the “Upload files from your computer” link. To access it, click the + button next to the message form at the bottom of the chat window and select “Upload files from your computer.” Once you do so you’ll have the opportunity to post a comment along with the file. Once you’re ready, hit enter to post.

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The second way is to use drag and drop. To use this feature just drag and drop an attachment from your desktop over the message form in chat and the attachment will be uploaded immediately.

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If you want post a comment along with an attachment you’ll want to enter the comment prior to dragging and dropping the file or just afterward.


You can add emojis by clicking the smiley-face icon on the right side of the message box.

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Click through the options at the bottom of the popover to see more.

Liking messages

Liking messages, similar to liking task comments, is a great way to appreciate the brilliance of a colleague or to quickly acknowledge that you’ve seen a message without having to write out a message of your own.

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Liking a comment is as easy as clicking “Like” beside the message in the chat room/direct message (the “Like” link appears when you hover over the message.) And there are definite benefits to liking a comment.

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You’ll notice that when multiple people like a message, the “Like” thumbs-up icon will change into something else. What the icon changes into depends on the number of likes.

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