Enabling Flow chat 1 minute read

Before you can start sending messages with teammates, you'll first need to enable Flow Chat in your Organization Settings.

Please note that chat is only available in legacy accounts created before March 5, 2018.

When you create a new Flow account, you're asked what chat tool you want to use: Flow Chat, Slack or none. If you clicked "none" but later realized you'd like to give Flow's chat tool a try, you can quickly enable it in your organization settings. Please note that only organization owners have access to these settings and will see the option in the dropdown.

Enabling  Chat  New 1

Just click your organization logo in the header bar and select "Organization Settings."

Enabling  Chat  New 2

On the main settings page, locate "Flow Chat," toggle on the button next to it and then click "Save."

Enabling  Chat  New 3

A Chat option will now appear in the navigation bar and you can quickly move between it and the task view by clicking the name.

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