Direct Messages 6 steps

Send a direct message when you want to chat with someone privately. Flow supports direct messages and group direct messages.

If you need to break off into a private space to chat with one or several teammates, you can use direct messages. Unlike public chat rooms, users can’t search and join direct messages so they’re a great place to hold discussions that don’t need to be included public rooms.



In Chat

Direct messages come with the added bonus of desktop notifications so they’re also a good way to get someone’s attention. When desktop notifications are enabled you will see a small push notification appear in the top right corner of your computer screen. To learn how to enable desktop chat notifications, head here.


If you don’t have notifications turned on you’ll be notified in-app both with the chat notification icon next to the search bar and in the chat sidebar. These will display a badge counter, showing how many messages you've missed.


To start a new direct message just click the + icon next to “Direct Messages” in the chat sidebar. Type in the name of the people you want to start the DM with or select their name from the suggested results. You can start a direct message with anyone in your organization. When you’ve added everyone, click “Create”.


In Tasks

If you need to quickly send off a new direct message but don’t want to leave your work in Tasks view, you can use the direct message fab icon. Simply click the fab icon, select the people you want to message and then hit “Create”.


If you want to message an existing DM in Task view, you can also click on the chat notification icon in the top left and select any DM. The message box will show up at the bottom of your screen, without leaving the page you are on. 

Note: selecting a Chatroom will redirect you to the Chat page.

If you send a message to a teammate who is in focus mode, you will receive a note letting you know how much time is left until they start receiving notifications again.

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