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Using Chat

Enabling Flow chat

Before you can start sending messages with teammates, you'll first need to enable Flow Chat in your Organization Settings.  Please note that...

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Creating new chat rooms

Create chat rooms to start discussions around a certain topic or for one of your teams. They can be made private, if...

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Joining chat rooms

Join chat rooms in Flow by clicking the + sign next to Chat Rooms in the chat sidebar. Please note that chat is only...

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Sending chat messages

Send messages to your teammates in Flow using chat rooms or direct messages. You can mention someone (or everyone), attach files, and...

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Formatting chat messages

If you're familiar with Markdown, you'll recognize some of the formatting syntax supported by Flow chat messages. Here's an overview.Please note that...

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Direct messages

Send a direct message when you want to chat with someone privately. Flow supports direct messages and group direct messages. Please note...

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Creating tasks from chat

One of the key features of Flow chat is the ability to create tasks within a chat room. Do this when action...

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Setting a chat status

Let your team know your availability by setting a status. You can set yourself as away, or leave a custom message.

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Searching chat history

Search for previous messages using the search bar in the top right corner of the app. Please note that chat is only available...

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Archiving chat rooms

Follow these instructions to archive chat rooms your team no longer needs--they can always be restored! Please note that chat is only available...

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