Editing Plans and Owners 1 minute read

You can add owners to your team, own multiple teams, and upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Editing your plan

Organizations change, so we’ve made it really easy to upgrade or downgrade your Flow plan too. To start making changes, open Account Preferences by clicking the v next to your organization name in the top left.


In the Organization section, click Edit beside the plan name to view and select another plan. You can also toggle between annual and monthly billing by clicking the slider button in the top right. If your current member count exceeds that of the plan you want to use, the plan will be greyed out and you’ll have to remove users on the People page before continuing.

Adding & editing organization owners

Having one person maintain and update a Flow account doesn’t work for everyone, so we’ve made it possible to bring in other teammates to help out. 


Organization owners can choose a new plan, update billing information, add/remove other owners and members, and can join all locked and unlocked teams. You can learn how to add new owners or manage existing owners here.

Owning multiple organizations

In Flow, you can own multiple organizations, which allows you to pay for different subscriptions separately. For example, you might own a personal account while also being an owner in your employer’s organization.


You can switch organization in the preferences drop-down; click the name of your other organization to view your teams. You can also view each organization’s unique billing/subscription information in Organization section of your Account Preferences. Just click the v next to the organization name to toggle between them. 


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