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Concentrate on what you need to get done by going into Focus Mode and temporarily muting your notifications. 

There are a ton of ways to communicate and collaborate Flow, but sometimes you need some peace and quiet to finish off a project or complete a task. The Focus Ferret is here to help! Focus Mode turns off notifications temporarily and lets your co-workers know when you’ll be available again.


Simply click the sliding icon next to the ? button in the blue navigation bar to enter Focus Mode. In the dropdown, select the length of time you need to focus and the nav bar will turn white when it’s set. The icon will display how much time you have left in Focus Mode and you can extend it by 15 minutes or 1 hour increments by clicking the ‘+15m’ or ‘+1h,’ respectively.


If you send a message to a teammate who is in Focus Mode, you will receive a note letting you know how much time is left until they start receiving notifications again.


In the sidebar of Flow Chat, “Focusing” will display next to any user’s name who has Focus Mode enabled. Hover over their name to display the time remaining.


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