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Using Tasks
Tasks are those workable items you need to get done. Assign, schedule, discuss and complete them.
19 guides
Using Projects
Organize your tasks using projects to create a clear path forward for every undertaking. 
19 guides
Using Teams
Teams sit at the top of the hierarchy in Flow and are where collaboration happens. 
11 guides
Managing Organizations
Everything you'll need to keep your company's preferences and members up to date. 
8 guides
Flow for Slack
Integrate Flow with your team's Slack account to receive live updates on tasks and projects and to quickly create tasks right from...
5 guides
Flow for Desktop
Mac and Windows users can take Flow out of the browser with Flow's desktop apps. 
4 guides
Flow for iOS
iOS users can take Flow wherever they go by downloading Flow for iOS. 
6 guides
Flow for Android
Android users can access their Flow accounts on the road by downloading Flow for Android.
4 guides
Using Chat
Use Flow Chat to discuss tasks, share files, and stay in the loop with your teammates from project start to end. 
10 guides
Use your favorite tools with Flow by setting up these handy integrations. 
4 guides
Preferences & Billing
Keep your personal preferences, billing details, and subscription info up to date with a few key steps. 
18 guides

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