Flow Beta Program

Testing the New Flow Beta

What is New Flow?

Our goal has always been to make it easier for teams to collaborate, be productive, and focus on the work that's most important. 

We’ve been working on a huge update to make Flow more focused, powerful, and flexible than ever. The New Flow makes it easier to manage and work with larger or multiple teams, and helps bring greater visibility into everything happening across your team or company.

As a beta user, you get to see it first.

Getting Started with the New Flow Beta

The New Flow introduces a brand-new look and feel, powerful new features for teams, and greater flexibility to support different workflows. It’s not finished yet, but that’s where you come in. 

Please Note: You will be able to switch between New Flow and Flow Classic for quite some time — even after New Flow launches to the public soon.

How to enable the New Flow Beta

If you use Flow in your web browser

You can access the beta at any time by visiting beta.getflow.com, or by clicking 'Switch to the New Flow Beta!' in the main menu. 

Flow Beta Switch

If you use the Flow app for Mac or Windows

Select 'Options > Use Flow Beta'. Once you’ve switched we’ll remember your preference. 

What's New?

A Brand New Look and Feel

We designed Flow’s new, streamlined interface to simplify the core user experience, minimize distractions, and better emphasize the most important thing: your projects and tasks.

Simplified Navigation

The Sidebar has always been the primary method of navigation in Flow. But, as teams created more and more projects, it became harder to tell them apart or see their status. And, as we introduced team-agnostic features like Catch Up and Project Timelines, the Sidebar started to be less focused, and was beginning to feel a little overloaded.

Crop New Navigation Ii Web

To focus Flow and and speed up navigation, we've simplified the menu bar around Flow's core functions and most-used features: Catch Up, Tasks, Projects, and Timelines.

Custom Branding

You can customize your organization’s logo in Flow by uploading an image in your Organization settings.

Recent and Favourite Popovers

We've also added handy hover popovers to the Catch Up, Tasks and Projects sections to help you more quickly navigate to your notifications, recent and favorite Tasks or Projects.

guides gif

The Projects Sidebar

Don’t worry, the Sidebar isn’t gone! When viewing any Project, just click the sidebar button to show or hide the Projects Sidebar. It’ll stay there as long as you leave it open.

Crop Sidebar Ii Web

Catch Up

Catch Up is now a single, unified feed: One space to get caught up on all of your notifications, from all of your Tasks, Projects and Teams.

Full  Catch  Up Web


The new Tasks section is completely focused on — you guessed it — tasks.

Your Tasks

Go to 'My Tasks' to view all of your Tasks, across all Teams. View Tasks as lists, or plot them on the calendar. Easily search, sort and filter Tasks. 

Full  My  Tasks Web

Task Profiles

Task Profiles make it really easy to see a teammate or direct report's Tasks. 

In addition to seeing all the Tasks on someones plate, you can also see what their weekly workload looks like using the calendar view. 

Full  Task  Profile Web

You can also favorite any teammate to get one-click access to their workload.


Click the Tasks dropdown to view your filtered task views: Flagged, Subscribed, Delegated and Unassigned. You can favorite any of these views for one-click access from the toolbar.

Crop More Tasks Dropdown Web

You can also use Flow’s new Team Filter controls to filter Tasks by one or multiple Teams or Workgroups. The Team Filter is available in the Tasks, Project and Timelines sections.


This is your one-stop shop to view, manage and organize all of your Projects, across Teams. This is where you can create, manage, and track all Tasks under any given Project.

Projects Dashboard

The new Projects Dashboard gives you a quick overview of project status across all Projects in your Team, and makes it easy to visually organize your projects or workflows. 

You can view Projects in either card or list view, and sort them by Groups, Status, Start Date or End Date. 

Full Projects Dashboard Creative Web

Project Colors

Add some color to your Projects to help categorize, communicate status, or simply freshen things up a little. 

guides gif

In the Projects Dashboard, you can filter Projects by Color and Keyword.

Crop Color Filter Web

New Project Detail View

Project Colors carry through to the brand new Project Detail View, giving each Project a little more identity. 

Full  Project  Details Web

In addition to being able to view Tasks as lists or cards, set Project Start / End dates, sort and filter Tasks, and add a Project description, you can now directly attach related documents to any Project.

Crop Card Sort Web

We've also added the ability to sort cards by user or due date in column view. Enjoy!

Project Schedule View

In addition to viewing all of a Project’s Tasks as lists or cards, you can now view a dedicated weekly schedule for that project, straight from the Project Details view.

Full  Project  Schedule Web

Workgroups (Coming Soon)

Workgroups are a powerful new feature we’ve added to save you a lot of time. You can now quickly subscribe a group of people to a Task, and filter most views in Flow by these groups of people

Crop Team Filter Web

You can set up Workgroups by navigating to 'People & Teams' under the main menu, and clicking the 'Teams' tab.

Crop Workgroups Web


This section is all about planning ahead. Use this to get a high level view of all of your Project Timelines, and manage your team’s workloads on the calendar.

Horizontal Project Timelines

Project Timelines in Flow today work well to display timelines for a handful of Projects, but can quickly get overwhelming when you want to see lots of projects at once, or projects that have longer timelines.

To easily show how projects longer than a month fit together, and to make it easy to manage more projects at once from a higher level, we needed to take project timelines horizontal.

Full  Project  Timelines Web

We’ve got two levels of visibility for you to zoom in and out with on the top right with a 'Weeks and Months' control. This is also where adding color to projects really comes in handy. 

Don’t worry, the standard calendar layout you’re used to is still available — we even freshened it up a bit.

It’s easy to drill down from a high level view into the details: Clicking a Project zips you straight into that project’s task timeline view.

Team Workload 

This is one for the managers out there: You can now see and easily balance your entire team’s workload for the week or month, in a single place. The traditional calendar view is also available here.

Full  Team  Workload Web

Filter by Teams or Workgroups to focus in on specific efforts or groups of people.

guides gif

Pro Tip: Collapse a project into a pane to quickly drop unassigned tasks into Team Workload, setting their due date and owner in one fell swoop.

Flow Pro

In addition to all of the features you know and use in Flow today, we’ll be introducing a new paid plan designed for larger teams and companies who have more complex project planning, forecasting, and resource management requirements. 

New features that will be available as part of Flow Pro are marked with a blue ‘Pro’ badge in the app. 

These features will be available for all Flow beta program participants to test, throughout the New Flow beta period. When New Flow launches to the public soon, these features will only be available as part of the new Flow Pro paid plan.


Why are you building a new Flow?

Since we first launched in 2011, Flow has grown from a simple task management app we built for our small team, into a beautiful project management tool used by thousands of companies and organizations around the world.

Along the way, we’ve grown with our customers, adding new features in response to your needs. In speaking with many of you, we kept hearing the same requests for more powerful planning and resource management features.

When we started thinking about how to add these features to Flow, it quickly became clear that we needed to rethink some of Flow’s core user experience. We designed the new Flow to be more focused, more powerful and more flexible than ever. We’ve even been using New Flow to build New Flow — whoah, meta. We hope you love it as much as we do, and we really want to know what you think.

What’s in it for me?

Aside from a refreshed, streamlined interface, the New Flow introduces new features to all Flow customers, at no extra cost, including the new Projects Dashboard, Project Colors, favorite/recently viewed task and project popovers, task card sorting views, and the ability to customize your organization’s branding.

Are you going to raise prices?

If you are an existing Flow customer, your per-user cost and plan will not change unless you choose to upgrade to a new paid plan.

The new Flow Pro plan — which adds new project planning and resource management features — will be available as a paid upgrade to all existing Flow customers. 

How long will Flow Classic be supported?

We are committed to ensure that New Flow meets customers’ needs before we consider retiring the existing version of Flow.


Once you’ve had a chance to look around and see what’s new, please send your thoughts and feedback to betafeedback@getflow.com.

Flow won’t run on your browser. To deliver the best possible experience to our customers, we took advantage of the latest web technologies that aren’t supported by your browser. As such, we can only safely support the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Learn more at Browse Happy