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Flow for Finance Teams

Close on time every month by managing one-off and routine tasks and timelines with ease. Project management for finance professionals depends on efficient communication, organization, and time management—and that's where Flow comes in.

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Your trusted tool for organized and timely progress.

Flow is an all-in-one solution to bring your finance team together. In one place, track work, manage timelines, discuss updates, and close on-time with less effort.

Easily zoom out to stay aware and involved at all levels.

You can take a 30,000-foot view or a close-up view to keep track of your team's progress with tasks and projects and stay one step ahead.

Empower your team members with greater reliability and accountability.

With the right tools, your team can keep tasks and deadlines organized so they can focus on the responsibilities at hand.

Put emails and unnecessary meetings behind you.

Prioritize direct communication with flexible tools from Flow. Streamline workflows with less confusion and fewer distractions.

Flow gives you everything you need to run your finance team — with less meetings, less time spent chasing updates, and more autonomy.

Exactly what you need—no excess.

Flow is refined and simple, as well as powerful and adaptable. No matter the size of your team, it’s the perfect tool to boost productivity and collaboration quickly.

Account receivable and payables.

Easily assign follow ups and provide additional context to tasks with notes, files, tags, and comments.

Close on-time every time.

Instead of starting from scratch each time, set up repeating tasks and assign them to available team members as needed.

Financial forecasts.

Make your forecasts living and breathing documents with discussion in comments, a history of changes, and push notifications.

Expense approvals.

Stop chasing down approvals. Mention teammates in a comment or message, or subscribe them to updates on a task.

Payment reminders.

Assign and track payments (including payment plans) effortlessly. Give them a due date, due time, priority level, and more.

Payroll processing.

See everything that’s going on in a single tool so you can prioritize what’s important and provide feedback in real-time.

Financial reports.

Share financial reports with your team in seconds. Keep all historical reports and related docs in a single, searchable tool.

Discuss work in real-time.

Communicate in real-time instead of weekly or monthly to get answers, debug issues, and course correct as quickly as possible.

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“More streamlined than Trello, easier than Jira, faster than Asana”

“Flow is a project management game changer.”

“The simplest, most joyful, project management platform.”

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