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Zapier + Flow

Connect Flow to 1,000+ apps including Github, Salesforce, JIRA, Airtable, and Google Forms.

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Zapier integrates more than 750 apps with no code required. Using Zapier’s guided Zap builder, you can link the tools and apps you use every day to automate tasks and build intelligent workflows.

Build trigger-based Zaps to connect Flow with all the apps you rely on. Automatically create tasks in Flow when an email is sent to your support team or when a file is moved into a specific folder in Google Drive or Dropbox, or coordinate task completion and closing Github issues— all with Zapier.

How it works in Flow:

Zapier connects Flow with hundreds of apps. Automatically create tasks and keep data in sync with Zaps, trigger-based automations that streamline your workflows. You can create an account here.

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