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Box + Flow

Easily attach Box files to tasks and projects, and share them in conversations.

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Box is a Cloud Content Management software, offering secure file sharing and collaboration so you can get work done from any device, with anyone. Share, edit, and view your photos, word documents, spreadsheets and more securely and easily from their Mac, iOS, or Android apps.

Flow enables you to quickly and effectively share files from your Box cloud in comments, projects and tasks. Sharing files from your Box account allows you to work with the most up-to-date versions of documents and attachments so you and your teammates are always on the same page.

How it works in Flow:

Select files from Box to share in comments, task notes, or project notes. Directly share secure links with your colleagues to any important photos, docs, files and more.

Available on:

All of our plans including Basic, Plus, and Pro team plans, as well as Flow Solo.

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