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Top project management statistics to know in 2022

NitanshLast Updated: July 8, 2022

As the world is still reeling after the effects of the pandemic, organizations are adopting new methods of working, considering “remote work” and “work from home” have become a norm. However, in these times, managing a project has become quite a task because Project Managers are constantly dealing with the ever-changing demands while coordinating and controlling everything from their end. Since we all know how critical project management is to a company’s success, it’s better to understand the latest statistics about its popularity. Today, we’ll discuss the top project management statistics that one should know in 2022.

General statistics

1. 73% of the survey respondents met their original goals / business intent when it comes to projects completed.

2. 32% of organizations consider any and all methods to solve the given problem, while 30% of the organizations go for the conventional methods that have worked in the past. The former category is dubbed Gymnastic enterprises as they adapt to the changes across the world quickly.

3. Gymnastic enterprises also beat the traditional companies quite easily with 75% of such organizations being able to meet their goals / business intent.

4. There are ~200 companies producing project management technologies.

5. Project management software market is growing at a CAGR of 10.67% and is expected to reach $9.81 billion by 2026.  

Statistics for the importance of project management

6. As mentioned in the beginning, the pandemic has taught us helped us rethink several things. So, it’s not a surprise that 68% people believe that Digital transformation is the biggest change in their business over the last 12 months.

7. 36% of organizations that implement project management paradigm believe that they mostly or always deliver the full benefits of their projects.  

Statistics for the use of project management by organizations

8. 94% of people believe that knowing what their teammates are working on helps improving productivity and efficiency in a business. However, only 42% users mention that they find it easy to know what their colleagues are focusing on.

9. Only 38% people use a project management tool like Flow for communicating between teams. In comparison, email is the dominant platform with 75% respondents using that to communicate.

Statistics for project management methodologies

10. 58% users stated that they mostly or always apply a well-defined project methodology.

11. 51% people (in a survey of over 400 respondents) use integrated project management (IPM) method. For those who don’t know, IPM refers to the fact that projects aren’t managed in silos and how projects relate to each other, along with how other parts of the organization may relate to a particular project.

12. 28% gymnastic enterprises preferred agile methodology to complete projects, higher than traditional enterprises (at 22%).

13. Per another report, 61% of respondents use a mix of traditional and agile methods when it comes to project management methodology.

Project management software statistics

14. 60% users mention that using a project management software help them estimate the timelines for the project delivery better. This is followed by 55% users highlighting that they are able to make an effective use of project resources, while 49% people indicate that they are able to communicate in a better manner with the team.

15. In terms of the organizations that make the most use of the project management software, IT services and software industry ranks the highest with 22% share.

16. While large organizations vouch for project management software, 25% of small businesses with less than $1 million in ARR don’t use any PM software.

17. 1 in 3 people choose a project management software for their functionality. This is followed by price, ease of use, and customer support.

18. 65% of survey respondents use reports / dashboards in a project management software, which is followed by 64% users using document management capabilities.

19. When it comes to most ignored project management software features, 34% respondents mentioned Velocity charts, Gantt charts, and Burndown charts.

20. And yet, 22% users want Gantt charts feature in the project management software they’re using.

21. 43% people voted equally to complexity / learning curve of using a project management software or features that remain unused when asked about the challenges they face with PM software.

22. 47% users said that they don’t have access to real-time project KPIs. In fact, 43% users mentioned that they spend a day or more in manually collating the project reports.

Looking into the future

23. 62% of survey respondents believe that project work will increase in the future.

24. 53% of people are certain that project work will be organized around smaller teams going forward.

25. 71% of respondents think that the need for project management skills will increase.

26. AI is expected to have a greater impact in project management, but only 23% people have experience of using AI technologies in project management.

27. 34% of respondents feel empowered about driving decisions on the basis of artificial intelligence for project management.


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