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Time Tracking with Harvest

Mark NicholsLast Updated: November 24, 2014


Lately, lots of you have been asking whether or not we plan to add time tracking to Flow. It’s an excellent idea, since many people already use Flow to manage client work.

Here’s the thing: someone else is already doing time tracking unbelievably well, and their service is tailor-made to integrate beautifully into other apps (not to mention that they also offer invoicing, advanced reporting, and plenty more).

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Flow now integrates with Harvest, the best time-tracking service on the planet. We’ve kept it super simple: start a task timer, and your time will be sent directly to Harvest. No fuss, and no switching between apps every two minutes.

You can turn it on right now by editing a workspace that you own, and selecting the Harvest option in Integrations. Refresh, and you’ll be good to go.


Check out this support article detailing how it all works.