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Major Improvements to Task Exporting & Reporting

Mark NicholsLast Updated: March 18, 2015

We know that Flow won’t always be the be-all and end-all for most customers. After all, a time might come when you’re having a meeting that includes people not familiar with your comprehensively organized account, and in those trying times, you might need to rely on a good ol’ fashioned list of tasks presented in an easy, consumable format.

It might be that you need to show your bosses the progress of a project, and you need a quick list of all the tasks completed and by whom. Or maybe you’re having a budget meeting, and it would be nice to get a straightforward list of all the tasks that’re left. Whatever the case, it all means that you need Flow to be really, really good at making reports.

You’ve always been able to export a clean list of tasks into a report. But today, we’re happy to announce some major improvements to task exporting. Like with all our enhancements now and forever, exporting is now prettier, faster, and more useful to you.

Here’s just some of the stuff you can expect from our now-hyperpowered task exporting:

  • Export all the completed tasks or open tasks in a project – or an archived project – into CSV, PDF, or HTML formats
  • For spreadsheet users: more comprehensive CSV data than before, allowing you to easily view the number of tasks completed (by person, or in general), completion dates by task, the type of task completed, the average time taken to complete tasks, current open tasks in a project, and much more
  • Much, much, much better looking PDF and HTML formats

Let’s say you wanted to export a list of all the completed tasks in a project.

First, you’d click ‘Export tasks’ on the project dropdown menu…


….then you’d select ‘completed tasks’, and pick whichever date range and format you needed. We’ll say ‘last 2 weeks’ for this one, and grab a CSV.


From there, hit download, and you’ll have your CSV in seconds. Check it out:


So while we wish that everyone on your team could use Flow, we get that it’s not always going to be the case – and task exporting is a quick-and-dirty way to share software-neutral reports on a project’s progress.

Give it a shot today. Login to your Flow account, or sign up now.