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Small Improvements – September 2018

Jesse HerlitzLast Updated: September 5, 2018

This will come as no surprise, but we spend a lot of time thinking about tasks, talking about tasks, and listening to our users feedback on tasks. As such, we’ve made several updates to how tasks are viewed in Flow to speed up your workflow and improve visibility.

Colored Sections

Colorful Sections

You may notice that there’s a bit more color in your tasks lists, as well as more well defined sections in your projects. Project colors will now show up when sorting by project in My Tasks, and Overdue & Due tasks will have a bit of color when sorting by due date in every task list in Flow.

Hide Completed

Past Completed Section

Alongside the new section design, when viewing a user’s tasks in list view, sorted by date, you’ll now see past completed tasks clearly marked in their own section. No more completed tasks showing as Overdue 😅.

Show / Hide Completed Tasks Toggle

This handy new toggle shows or hides all completed tasks with one click. This is perfect for when you’d like to declutter your task list without clearing important completed tasks out of your projects (and upsetting your project manager).

Completed task clearing on the task list is disabled when completed tasks are hidden, because why clear tasks you can’t see? This toggle is available on the My Tasks, Task Profiles, Flagged, Delegated, Subscribed, and Unassigned filters.

Team & Section Now Visible in Task Lists

Tasks in the Tasks section now display a little more contextual information in list view:

  • When sorted by Project, they’ll display the project section (and for parent tasks, their respective subtask).
  • When sorted by date, you can see a task’s full breadcrumb trail: Team > Project > Section > Parent Task.

Bonus: Click a task’s section to quickly change it with one click, without leaving the list view.

Clear Completed

Clear Tasks by Section

Use this handy button to clear completed tasks by section (instead of clearing all of them). It appears contextually, at the top of sections (or columns, in card view) that contain completed tasks.

Require Secure Email Task Creation

Enabling this for your organization will create unique secure email addresses for each user to email tasks to. If enabled, will no longer accept task creation emails for your organization. Owners can make this change in Organization settings. Each user will be able to find their unique email address in Account Preferences under Email Addresses thereafter.

Thoughts, feedback or questions? Head over to our feedback forum or send a quick email to We love working with you to make Flow better!

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