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Small Improvements – June ’17

Jesse HerlitzLast Updated: June 13, 2017

Since launching Advanced Subtasks we’ve been listening to your feedback and making some more small improvements to Flow. Here’s a quick roundup of everything that’s new:

Better subtasks sorting by owner/date

When sorting tasks by owner or due date, subtasks are now sorted beneath their respective parent tasks.

Clearer parent task names and improved subtask filtering  

Parent task names are now clearly displayed for subtasks in the Assigned to Me view. We also fixed a bug where filtering by tag failed to display subtasks with independent tags. 

Collapse tasks to de-clutter your calendar view

The task calendar is one of Flow’s most used features. But sometimes for teams who have a lot of tasks, it can get a little overwhelming. So, we added the ability to collapse longer tasks lists and display only the top 5 tasks per day.

Faster inline task editing from list view

You can now edit the following inline on any task in your task list:

  • Assignees (just click the avatar of the current assignee; option+click to filter by that user).
  • Due dates (click the calendar icon).
  • Tags (option+click the tag).

Improved Emoji support 🤣

Emoji in Flow have been updated to support Unicode 9.0. Say hello to owls🦉, baguettes 🥖, clowns 🤡, and more.

Delete file attachments and project notes without entering edit mode

We saved you a few clicks here 👍

Desktop notifications for Windows 7 and 8

It’s now easier to keep up with what’s happening in Flow when the app is minimized.

Easier text selection in task titles

For easier copy and pasting: You can now select text in task titles when a task is completed.