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Shared Tags Are Live

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: March 14, 2012

We’re happy to announce that after two weeks of polishing and perfecting by the Flow Team, Shared Tags are now live.

That means from now on, your collaborators can view any tags you add to a task just as they can other task details like due dates or followers, giving you a simple way to organize tasks that everyone on your team can follow and understand.

Since mentioning the switch two weeks ago, we heard from a few people with concerns that this change would have an effect on all permissions in Flow, that Shared Tags would mean “shared tasks.” This definitely isn’t the case. A collaborator will only be able to see your task if you invite them to that task or its list. In other words: tags are only shared if the task is.

We’re pretty excited about the change around here. It’s been one of the most highly requested features in Flow, and it always feels great when we deliver something we know users have an acute need of. Our vision for Flow is to make it the perfect tool for team collaboration, and this is a solid step in that direction.


p.s. You can read more about Flow’s move to Shared Tags here.