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Selecting, Dragging, Dropping, and Sorting

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: May 25, 2011

We’ve been really busy this last month working on some great new features for our web, Mac, and iPhone apps and we’re very excited to finally release some of those features today.

Here’s a taste of what can be done with these new features.

Finally, Shared Sorting

Until today, you could only manually sort your own tasks, whether they were in your Inbox, in your personal lists, or in the My Tasks view of collaborative lists. This was certainly useful, but it didn’t help you prioritize tasks with your collaborators. So as of today, you and your collaborators will finally be able to manually sort tasks together.


We now indicate sortable lists with a small indicator to the left of the checkboxes.

Selecting Tasks in a List

It is now possible to select one or more tasks in a list with standard key commands: click to select a single task, CMD-click to select several individual tasks, or SHIFT-click to select a sequence of tasks. Once selected, you can perform basic functions using the same keyboard commands that you’re used to using on task pages (e.g. ’F’ to flag). You can also navigate lists with the UP/DOWN arrow keys and J/K keys (and open selected tasks with the RIGHT arrow key).


Drag ’n Drop

It wouldn’t be worth selecting tasks if you couldn’t do anything with them, so we’ve implemented some really slick drag and drop features. Previously, you could only drag single tasks from personal lists by a specific button and only into lists in the sidebar. This wasn’t good enough. So, we scrapped the button altogether, letting you drag as many tasks as you like, from any task list, to almost any place in the app.

Dragging into the Sidebar

Not only can you drag tasks to lists in the sidebar you can also drag them onto tags to tag them and contacts to delegate them. Folders and the Lists, Tags, and Contacts tabs are spring-loaded so you don’t have to worry about opening them before you drag your tasks.


Dragging into the Secondary Sidebar

You can also drag tasks onto items in the secondary sidebar, located on the right-hand side of the app. If you’re in a list or folder, you can delegate tasks by dragging them onto collaborators listed in the secondary sidebar, or, if you’re on a contact’s profile, you can refile their tasks between lists.


Dragging Between Groups

Finally, we also let you drag tasks between groups to change or remove due dates, file tasks in different lists, delegate to other collaborators, and add and remove tags.


What’s Next?

In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing activity feeds for lists, folders, and people, as well as mass editing for selected tasks. Following that, we’re going to be releasing a brand new mobile task page for iPhone, Android, and Berry users, shared tags for much improved collaboration and organization, as well as the much requested feature, recurring tasks.

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