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Product Updates May 2020

The Flow TeamLast Updated: June 4, 2020

In May we had one of our biggest Flow X announcements yet! Our iOS  beta for Flow X is now available. We’re so thrilled to be able to share this with you as it includes some long awaited features and as well as general updates to the UI. We’ve also continued work on sidebars through Flow X, making them more intuitive as well as adding details to notifications and attachments to provide you with key information in a single view. 

iOS Beta

The beta for our Flow X iOS app is now available. Updates to the app include merging our task and chat apps into a single app, improved support for task creation, the option to view due times and task priority, as well as a new look to match the Flow X UI more closely. 

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new iOS app as this is just the beginning of improvements coming to iOS. If you have an iOS device check out the new app by downloading TestFlight here. Once TestFlight is downloaded you’ll be able to download our beta app.

Due Times

The newest addition to tasks is the ability to add due times. This is available for users on Plus or Pro plans. It adds another level of detail you can include in your tasks on top of a due date to give your team a better idea of what work to work on first.

Small Improvements

May brought with it another long list of small improvements. Many of these changes were to the Flow UI, improving uniformity, readability, and usability across the app. 

  • Space key won’t submit autocomplete popovers (such as when assigning)
  • Tweaked layout in calendar view to better utilize white space
  • Updated follower behaviour when re-assigning task to streamline process
  • Sort by menu has been improved to better reflect appearance colour.
  • Revised task behaviour in Home tab for easier task completion.
  • Added new view options like Teams and Teammates in order to give you more flexibility in the way you view tasks across your organization.
  • Added the option to sort by title in the Tasks tab.
  • Added priorities to activity notifications so when you’re assigned a high priority task, the notification card will tell you what priority the task is.
  • When viewing attachments the name of the user that added the attachment and the date the attachment was added will show in the top left corner of the preview window.
  • Drag and drop capabilities have been added to the Home tab so you can manually rearrange tasks in Home.
  • Added the option to export projects and task lists as csv files to Flow X. You can access the option to export from the “…” menu in the tasks and projects tabs.
  • Project sections have been added to the activity feed in individual task panes in order to give better clarity as to when a task was moved from one section to another.
  • Added project sections to the breadcrumb path at the top of the task pane to provide better context of where the task exists within your organization.
  • Added collapsible team headers to the project sidebar to allow you to more easily focus on the teams you work in primarily.
  • Improved layout in project view to be more intuitive when scrolling
  • Added pinning to the project sidebar. Pinned projects are kept at the very top of the sidebar making it easier for you to jump into what’s most important.
  • Sidebar improvements across the app have been made to improve uniformity, and include new iconography in preparation for adding the ability to hide and show the sidebars across the app.

Most small improvements came about because of feedback from our beta users. We could not  be doing this without you! Check back next month for another update on Flow X. In the meantime, if you have any beta feedback you’d like to share with the team, send us an email to

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