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Product Updates April 2020

The Flow TeamLast Updated: May 1, 2020

This month we focused on improvements and fixes suggested in the excellent feedback provided by you over the last few weeks. Updates were centered around improving UI,  with focused improvements to tasks, priority, and navigation. We also added some new features, and expanded on existing ones. 

Tasks have received a minor facelift this month, with significant improvements in the usability of tasks. The option to create and edit repeating tasks is back! Repeating tasks have a ton of repeat options, whether you need something daily, weekly, monthly or yearly the choice is there.

We’ve also added the option to create a new tag right from the tag popover when creating a new task. Rather than having to exit the task panel to create a new tag, you can do it all at once. 

You can now update your status from the main menu to let your teammates know if you’re active, focused, or away. You can also share a note – complete with an emoji – to let them know what you’re up to and even set your status to expire at a specific time or date. 

Your status is displayed next to your avatar and any note you’ve added can be seen by hovering over its accompanying emoji throughout Flow.

Status dots will now appear in user’s avatars anywhere that users appear in a list like an autocomplete list when @mentioning. A green dot means the user is active, grey when a user is away, and purple when a user is in focus mode. This way when assigning a user or adding followers to a task you’ll know who’s active and likely to see the notification quickly.

Small Improvements

We’ve also fixed a lot of small issues in Flow X, as well as implemented many little changes in April that cover everything from readability, and task priority, to emoji capabilities, and more!

  • Project colours have been changed to be higher contrast and more vivid in order to improve accessibility and readability for users with visual impairments.
  • Added a tasks filter into the show menu to allow you to choose when you want to see completed, incomplete, or all tasks.
  • Simplified clearing filters in the task list view. Now the “x” beside the filters button can be used to clear all filters in one click.
  • Can now copy text and click links right from task notes without prompting an edit to the note.
  • Can now create new project sections as well as rename existing project sections in Flow X.
  • Task creation in calendars is now operating normally and the drag and drop error has been resolved.
  • Task pane now displays confirmation that the task has been deleted as well as the pop up notification.
  • Task notes will now display which user edited the note last and when the edit was made.
  • Created a new toggle in the notes section to allow you to jump between the markdown and visual editors quickly. 
  • Added the emoji selector back to the notes editor.
  • The ability to copy and paste images into comments has been reintroduced.
  • Users on Plus or Pro plans can now add a priority level to tasks to show how important they are. Task priority will show in the Tasks tab as well as individual task panes.
  • Added the option to sort by task priority in the Tasks tab to allow you to focus on what needs to get done first.
  • Priority activities now show in the task pane to reflect changes in priority.
  • Can now complete a subtask directly from the parent task pane instead of opening the subtask individually to it mark as completed. 
  • Redesigned the entire process of creating and editing subtasks to make them faster and simpler.
  • Deleted subtask behaviour updated to no longer show in parent task.
  • The default view for projects is now the Tasks tab; if you want to check out project details, navigate over to the Details tab.
  • When you click on a task in the Home tab it will open the task window and the task within the list in Home will be highlighted to clarify which task you’re looking at.
  • Tabs are now stateful in Flow X so when you move between tabs the app will remember where you were last in each tab. This way you can jump from an individual project to the Tasks tab and back again without having to navigate through the project dashboard to get to the project you were just looking at.
  • Breadcrumbs have been added so you can now navigate between subtasks and parent tasks and from parent tasks to the projects they belong to. For users in more than one team, this navigation will also show you which team the task falls under.

That’s quite the list! And it’s all thanks to our beta users and their feedback. Keep your eyes out for another update on what’s new in Flow X next month. In the meantime, if you have beta feedback you’d like to share with the team send us an email to

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