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Get A Bird’s Eye View of Your Project with Kanban Boards

Jessie JonesLast Updated: February 22, 2015

Flow has always been great at helping you track the status of the tasks your team is working on by giving you a view of what has happened on each task, from start to finish. As projects grow to include more and more tasks, though, it can be hard to get sense of what’s going on in the project as a whole.

Today, we’re excited to introduce a beautiful new way to see the big picture in your projects, called Kanban Boards. It gives you the power to visualize any project and stay on top of each task in your workflow, so you can spend less time managing work—and more time doing it.


The best way to get a feel for Kanban Boards is to see one in action, so we put together a 60-second video to show you just that:

Getting started is as simple as switching to the Kanban view in one of your current projects and dragging & dropping the tasks into sections. We recommend starting with sections that describe the stages tasks in the project go through, like Planning, Ready to Begin, In Progress, and In Review.

You can add more sections at any time, as well as rename and reorder the sections you’ve already created. Sections show up both as columns in Kanban Board view and as headers when you choose “Sort Manually” in list view:


In addition to drag and drop, tasks can be added to sections directly from the project field in the task form—and you can make any section the default, so tasks added to the project will automatically start there.


Finally, we’ve added one more detail that we think you’ll like: a minimize tab on the edge of the sidebar. Use it to hide the sidebar when you need to focus, and while it’s hidden, simply drag your cursor near the left edge of the window when you want to switch to another view—when you’re done, it will slide discreetly out of the way again:


Giving Kanban Boards a try doesn’t require any big changes: start with sections that match the way you already work. Once you have those in place, you’ll be able to zoom out, quickly spot bottlenecks, and start to understand ways your team can work better and smarter.

We hope Kanban Boards give your entire team a better look at your projects from start to finish. Try it on your next project, and let us know what you think.

See more of Kanban Boards in action, or sign up to try it out right now.

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