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Is it too soon to take a vacation?

Tatum SavageLast Updated: May 6, 2020

In our new series, re:work, our columnist tackles the tough situations that arise when working as a team. From appropriate use of shared space, to getting quick answers from remote teammates, we’re breaking down what troubles you, and helping you fix it. 

“Dear re:work,

There’s a Lady Gaga concert out of town next month that I really want to go to. I started at this job just last week, is it bad to take a vacation after only a month?


Gaga for Gaga”

Submissions may have been edited for length and/or clarity. Submission was made prior to isolation orders.

Dear Gaga for Gaga,

Vacation policies can be pretty different from company to company, so I understand being unsure. Whether or not taking time off is bad? Never! Vacation days are part of your compensation package, and should definitely be used.

Check in With Your Manager

If you haven’t already, check in with your manager or HR and find out your company basics. There’s likely a detailed vacation policy written up somewhere. This should go over how much notice they need, and if there are any blackout dates for vacations. It should also cover exactly how to ask for the time off. At Flow, we send a message to management letting them know the dates we want off. After that we book the time into our HR software.

If they don’t have any guidelines in place, talk to someone that can make them. Company policy and procedure will almost always benefit from new eyes. Your feedback would mean an easier transition for the next new person who joins the team.

Give Lots of Notice

If there isn’t a clear policy in place, and it’ll take a while to set some, don’t worry! You’re taking one or two days off with almost a full months notice. That leaves a ton of time to prepare for your absence. My manager at Flow would love to have 30 days prep time for a couple days off!

So, as long as you check in with management and give plenty of notice you’re in the clear. Stop hesitating, book that day off, and go enjoy that concert!

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