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Introducing Flow Solo

The Flow TeamLast Updated: January 14, 2021

When Flow launched a decade ago, the world looked very different, as did our relationship to work. There were more in-person meetings, fewer asynchronous chat conversations and many more whiteboards turned grey from overuse. 

And when our team thought about “getting work done” and how best to do it with Flow, we looked inward, using our company as the basis for solving the challenges and supporting the ambitions of other companies. The key was that we associated work with a team—multiple people communicating and contributing to an agreed-upon goal. In short, we bought into the idea that it takes a village to complete a task.
In reality, that’s just one way to work. More and more people are striking out on their own every day as freelancers, independent contractors and small business owners. As of this year, over a third of the American workforce was made up of these individuals, with earnings over $1.2 trillion. While Flow has always been available to use on your own, it wasn’t built for it, so it felt necessary to catch up with this evolution in work.

When we looked into how people use Flow today, it aligned with this shift we were witnessing in the world. While teams still make up the majority of our new customers, we were surprised to find that over 20% of current customers are working on their own. So it was the perfect time to carve out a space in Flow specifically for teams of one. 

When you work alone, or even on a small team, it forces you to get organized; you don’t have the same safety net that a large team can provide, where if something slips through the cracks or is scheduled improperly, someone else will notice. In that sense, solo users need power features that can take their work to the next level, but in a space that allows for deep focus and keeps them accountable to themselves.

So we built a single-player version of Flow that we call Flow Solo. It jettisons all the team-specific functionality but retains the simplicity and intuitive design of Flow.

What that looks like in practice is stripping away team-related features like chat, catch up, and teammates views that allow you to see tasks assigned to other people in your organization —including tasks you’re following and have delegated.

With Flow Solo you’ll have access to premium features like task priority, due times, start dates, custom tags and more. It’s the same great foundation that Flow was built on.

Flow Solo is $2.99/month if you pay annually or $4.99/month if you pay monthly. It is capped at a single user. And whenever you’re ready to grow, it’s as easy as choosing a team plan in your billing settings—from there, you’re free to invite as many users as you’d like.
Flow Solo also got us thinking about the actions and risks individuals take every day to make our world better, and how we could support them in their pursuits. That’s why we’ll be offering Flow Solo completely free to verified first responders, students, and teachers. To learn more about these discounts and to find out if you qualify, please get in touch!

As work changes, Flow will always be there to adapt with it.

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