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Create Flow Tasks from Your Inbox

Jessie JonesLast Updated: September 7, 2014

You can create a task in Flow just by emailing the task to

So let’s say someone sends you an email about a task you or your team should work on. Instead of opening a new tab and going to Flow to create the task, you would simply:

  1. Hit ‘forward’ on the email
  2. Enter in the “To” field
  3. Edit the subject line so it describes the task you want to add to Flow

The subject line becomes the task. So, in the subject line, enter the @name of the person you want to delegate it to. Briefly describe the task. Choose a list. Set a due date. Like so:

This handy email trick is also the foundation for automating task creation. Here’s more on how to customize a task created via email.

Update My Preferences So
I can Email Tasks to Flow

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