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Improving Employee Task Management Software

The Flow TeamLast Updated: November 3, 2020

Two critical parts of the project life cycle include delegating tasks to team members and keeping an eye on the progress of those tasks within the project’s timeline. Depending on your industry and team size, task management practices can differ. Simple task management methods such as creating a to-do list using spreadsheets or whiteboards or using sticky notes as task reminders might seem easy at first. But as the project progresses, it can quickly become confusing, stressing out your entire team and impacting overall productivity. 

That’s why you need an effective employee task management software with dynamic features in place to manage your team’s to-do lists and prioritize, delegate, and track all your project-related tasks. As you assess your team’s software, keep the following in mind.  

Key Features of Great Employee Task Management Software

As a project manager, you are well aware that the requirements of your team change depending on the project. Whether you’re working on a small project or a complicated one that involves multiple teams, your employee task management software should be flexible enough to accommodate such changes. Improving upon these key features can significantly improve the platform your team uses.

Workload and Project Management

Before breaking down a project into tasks, it is important to bring your entire team together on the same page. An employee task management software helps get everyone involved quickly and makes it easy for you to assign tasks. It also gives you an overview of how the workload is getting distributed. If anyone is feeling overwhelmed with their tasks, you can reassign their tasks to other team members. You can also invite teammates working remotely to collaborate and take on new tasks.   


When you’re breaking down a project into a long list of tasks and sub-tasks, it’s easy to miss pieces of the puzzle. Whether you are a fan of to-do lists or like to organize your tasks in a kanban board, an employee task management platform keeps you on top of every task assigned, unassigned, in-progress, completed, or delayed. It also provides you with a better picture of the weekly and monthly schedule of the project. By assigning priorities for tasks—including due date and time—you can organize the project timeline better and help your team stay focused and on track.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is a crucial aspect of project management. Delivering quality work while chasing deadlines is what makes your team successful. A time tracking tool helps you visualize the progress of the project tasks against those set deadlines. With efficient time tracking, you can understand the amount of time spent on each task, anticipate the struggles your team is facing, and support them accordingly.

Interestingly, project managers often overlook these key features in their rush to choose an employee task management software. This results in switching between different tools and task management platforms to get the overall picture. Not to mention, the chaos and confusion it causes among team members. To avoid such a situation that impacts the productivity of your team, you need an integrated, easy to use task management platform.        

Unique Benefits of an Integrated Task Management Platform

An all-in-one task management platform with the key features mentioned above can streamline your workflow and help your team stay motivated and connected while getting a project over the finish line. Additionally, it helps you integrate different tools and apps that your team has already been using for project-related tasks. Some of the unique benefits of an integrated employee task management software include:

  • Organizing and prioritizing tasks through a single shared platform: You can arrange and prioritize all of your team’s tasks and assign them to team members in seconds. You can also reassign tasks with just a drag-and-drop click.  
  • Overviewing workflow in a single glance: With multiple views, you can see your workflow through a dedicated calendar, to-do list, or kanban board as well as filter tasks assigned to you and your team members.  
  • Sharing project resources through tasks: You can share relevant project-related information, including notes, files, and links by attaching them to the respective tasks.  
  • Creating tasks through conversations: Project-related conversations can be turned into actionable next steps by creating tasks right from private or company-wide chats.
  • Planning ahead with a time tracker: A time tracking tool can help you keep an eye on the total time and resources spent on each task.    

While the benefits of an integrated employee task management software will help you get your projects going, it’s equally important to consider your team’s feedback while using the platform. Nobody likes a complicated task management platform with a user interface that is difficult to navigate. As a project manager, you need to look at the learning curve of a platform before committing to it. Once your team members feel comfortable with your task management software, you can be assured of its advantages in managing your day-to-day workflow.       

Flow’s user-friendly and powerful task management platform can bring together your projects, tasks, and conversations, as well as integrate your favorite tools to improve your team’s productivity. To learn more about how to improve your employee task management platform, start your free trial today.

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