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Flow Update: Shared Tags

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: February 29, 2012

For those of you wanting a more flexible way to organize tasks with your collaborators, you’ll have another option to choose from soon. Beginning Wednesday, March 14, all tags in Flow will be shared.

This means anyone who can view one of your tasks will also be able to see all of the tags you’ve created for that task (as well as for any other tasks in the same list) making it easier than ever for teams to organize tasks in a way everyone can understand.

Why Shared Tags?

With shared tags, you’ll be able to organize according to priority, focus, team member, or however best fits your workflow, plus take advantage of everything else tags have to offer. You could use them to place tasks into sub-groups within a list, organize them across multiple lists, or even add them to several different groups, and all of your collaborators will be able to follow along.

Some things to keep in mind about the switch:

  • This change will affect all tags in Flow, including those made prior to the switch. If you have any personal tags you’d rather weren’t made visible to your collaborators, we encourage you to delete them as soon as possible.
  • The introduction of shared tags will have no impact whatsoever on task visibility in Flow. A collaborator must get permission to view a task (either by being invited to that task, or to another task in the same list), just the same as before.
  • Collaborators won’t be able to see all of your tags—only those assigned to the tasks they have access to.
  • Remember that when you invite someone to a task, they’re automatically invited to the list that task is a part of as well. This means they’ll be able to view all the tags assigned to any task in that list.
  • You can delete any personal tags in Flow between now and March 14 simply by clicking the Tags tab, finding the tag in question, and selecting “Delete” from the tag preferences.
  • After March 14, you will no longer be able to rename or delete tags. You will only be able to remove them from tasks.


You can delete tags by clicking the Tags tab, finding the tag in question, and selecting “Delete” from the tag preferences.

While we did consider the option of creating a combination of personal and shared tags, ultimately we decided upon the simplest, most intuitive approach. Finding ways to help individuals and teams collaborate seamlessly is our first priority, and this is just one of many steps we’re taking along that road. Our goal is to keep making Flow the expansive, versatile tool today’s teams want and need.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Flow Support.

The Flow Team

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