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New to Flow: Inline Audio & Video

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: March 20, 2012

Back in December, we rolled out a handy little feature that made it possible to attach image and audio files to your tasks directly from Flow’s free iPhone app. Since then, we’ve been making recordings of everything from team meetings to on-the-fly brainstorming sessions, and it’s been great.


The only thing is that until now, playing media files in the web app has meant opening a new window in your browser (it isn’t inline, in other words). It’s a small thing, and maybe you didn’t even notice it, but we’re perfectionists around here and small things are like splinters in our collective thumbs. They’re unpleasant. They make us cranky.

So we had a look at bringing an inline audio and video player to Flow, and what do you know, we did just that. So from now on, you can enjoy all your meeting notes, impromptu jam sessions, and bathroom eureka moments without ever leaving the comfort of Flow.