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Flow for Mac out of Beta!

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: July 26, 2011

We’ve just launched a big update to our quick-entry Mac app and are happy to shed the beta tag once-and-for-all.

Download Flow For Mac 1.0 Now!

So what’s new? Besides improving the look and feel of the task form and elaborating our preferences, we’ve introduced some very cool and useful features…

Full Notification Support

Feel free to turn off all your email notifications. From now on our Mac app will notify you of all recent activity:

Check out the new notification preferences to turn on and off Growl, in-menu, and audio notifications; we’ve also provided fine-tuned control over each notification type.

Tag, List, and Contact Creation

Now, just like you’ve always been able to on the web app, you can create new tags, lists, and contacts as you crunch out new tasks:

Updates & Betas

Finally, we’ve hooked up automatic updates so you can stay on top of future features and fixes:

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