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Catch Up Faster In Flow

Mark NicholsLast Updated: September 13, 2016

We’ve killed the Dashboard, and replaced it with Catch Up. It’s an all new way of reviewing notifications, designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible and back to the work that matters to you.

The old Flow Dashboard—like many of the dashboards and feeds in our internet lives—was an endless fire hose of information. We tend to come to our dashboards to get ‘caught up’—but how do we really know when we’re caught up and ready to go to work? None of our feeds tell us, that’s for sure. They just show us more.

Catch Up—which you’ll find where your Dashboard used to be—aims to change that trend, showing you your notifications one-by-one (sometimes helpfully grouped together), and telling you straight-up when there’s nothing left. Its sole purpose is to get you back to work—not to create more for you.

Head there now, and you’ll notice a split between Catch Up and Review:

Whenever you have a new notification in Flow, you’ll see a new card in Catch Up.

Catch Up is a great place to start your day in the morning, but it’s also ideal for when you’ve gone off the grid for a couple of hours and want to see what you’ve missed.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new card style for notifications, which helpfully groups together information for you to review. These cards make it easier to go through updates one-by-one, rather than just scanning through a torrent of information.

When you’ve reviewed a card to your satisfaction, hover over it, and you’ll see a checkmark in the top right. Hit that, and the card will move to ‘Review’ (viewing the task or clicking the notification in your Task Activity dropdown will also do this). The next card will slide up for your inspection.

Your Review tab looks a little like your old dashboard—it’s a historical view of your notifications, which you can check any time you’d like (and quick note: your classic Dashboard can still be found in the Favorites menu as ‘All Activity’). You can even move Review cards back to Catch Up, if you want to put a task back on your radar for a while.

The goal of Catch Up, though, is to get you to this:

When you’ve caught up on everything, you get… well, nothing! A clean slate. You no longer need to worry about what you’ve missed while you were away, or what else there is to see. You’re caught up. No, really. You can get to the work you had planned for the day, or pick a new task and focus.

We hope that Catch Up helps you focus on the work you love, and makes your workday a little easier.

Please be sure to send us your feedback. We’d love to hear it all—good and bad.

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