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Better Email Collaboration

Jessie JonesLast Updated: August 4, 2011

We love emailing tasks to Flow, and today we’re excited to announce two improvements that make Flow’s email integration even better.

Add Followers

Just like you’ve always been able to assign tasks with the @ symbol, you can now add followers to a task with the + symbol:

Add Luke and Billy to the “Order a new Flux Capacitor” task.

Invite Collaborators

If you use the @ or + symbols before an email address instead of a name, Flow will invite them to the task even if they’re not already a contact:

Invite a new collaborator with their email address.

This makes it easier than ever to collaborate with new contacts. Meet someone at a conference and want to follow up? Send an email to Flow with their email address as a follower. You’ll have a reminder task and an open line of a dialogue before you even walk away!

Learn more about Flow’s email integration in our Support Centre