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New to Flow: Automatic Task Clearing and Better Emails

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: April 13, 2012

Automatic Task Clearing

Checking off tasks in Flow has always seemed a bit anticlimactic to us: after what should be a triumphant final click, the task just stayed there, cluttering up your list until you tapped the clear button to sweep it away once and for all.

No longer. From now on, tasks in Flow will be automatically cleared the moment you complete them, so your first click will be your last. And if you need to find a completed task after it’s gone, no problem: there’s a new “Show Completed Tasks” link at the bottom of every list.

Improved Email Notifications

In the past, if someone made multiple changes to a task, you’d sometimes get more than one notification: one saying they rescheduled it, another saying they invited someone else…you get the idea. They were redundant (and maybe even a little annoying), and so we’ve done away with those, too.

Now, even if someone changes every field in the task form at once, you’ll only get one email with a summary of everything that changed. Simple. Neat. Easy.

As always, we’ve got a lot more coming, so stay tuned!