Bench: How We Stay Productive as a Team

By Cyrus on October 29, 2014

Two members of the Bench team

From time-to-time, we catch up with our friends over at Bench to talk about what’s going on with our teams. We share what’s been working, what we’ve learned–anything that could help each other out. Today, they’ll share some of these productivity tips with you. This is a guest post by Cameron at Bench.

When your business suddenly enters a period of rapid growth, how do you maintain a high level of productivity across all teams?

This is a challenge we’ve been addressing at Bench. As a scaleable...

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Flow Radio #4: Travel Crush

By Jeremy on October 25, 2014

Have you checked your podcast library yet? The fourth episode of Flow Radio is out and it may already be with you!

In this episode, Ian returns from Europe, scared away by the tales of phantasmal pickpockets. He takes us on a magical journey to the the legendary Touch ID Utopia. It’s like the NeverEnding Story, but done in 20 minutes.

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We haven’t had much feedback, and would love to know what you think of our podcast-y experiment. Leave a comment...

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Instantly Assign Tasks to People You Invite

By Jeremy on October 22, 2014

Up to now, when you invited somebody to Flow, you had to wait for them to sign up before you could assign them tasks. This meant that tasks needed to be held somewhere else in the interim, which meant that they would probably be missed and never completed.

This was a big annoyance, and we’ve changed it.

Assigning a task to someone you invited

Now, you can assign tasks to somebody immediately after inviting them. As soon as they sign up, their work will be waiting. This should make getting up and running with Flow a lot easier: create...

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Flow Radio #3: Fingers in Every Pie

By Jeremy on October 16, 2014

As you read this, Episode 3 of our podcast should be finding its way to your device and, hopefully, to your heart.

This week, Tim and Jesse tell us how to use Tinder to judge strangers from the safety of our homes, and we learn how to spice up Halloween with a free fedora and a 2-6 of Smirnoff Ice! Join us as we become total human garbage on Episode 3 of Flow Radio.

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Also, as a visual aid, here’s a picture as Ian dressed up as Khal (Karl) Drogo...

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Flow Radio #2: Jake Swag™

By Jeremy on October 9, 2014

Less than 48 hours after releasing our first show, Episode 2 is out the door.

This week, we shuffled our lineup to include Jake, Flow’s vagabond lead developer, and Rose, our small-dog aficionado and talented front-end developer. Ian, Kim, Rose, and Jake tackle pushing the envelope with JavaScript, emoji-based office drama and the untapped potential of Ello. They also battle some sub-par audio, which was unwelcome, unexpected, and will hopefully be unrepeated. Have a listen:

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Flow Radio - Episode 1

By Jeremy on October 7, 2014

We’re trying something new. To help you get to know the team behind Flow a bit better, we’re starting a podcast.

It’s relaxed, conversational, and not-too-serious. We loosely follow topics such as technology news, office culture, and what’s going on with the team and its members.

In this first episode, Ian, Kim, and I dicuss office botany, Flow, and Apple news. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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This is our first episode...

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Huge Improvements to the Flow Android App

By Derek on October 2, 2014

We’re happy to announce that the Flow Android app has just been updated with major improvements. The bulk of the app is now native, making it faster and more reliable; we’ve thought carefully about bringing list and project creation to the platform; and we’ve added a bunch of polished interactions that make the app more pleasant to use. Download Flow for Android now and let us know what you think of the improvements by reviewing it on the Google Play Store.

Making it Native

From the start, our...

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How to make the most of Mondays

By Cyrus on September 24, 2014

“What do you want to accomplish this week?”

Everyone here at Flow gets asked that on Monday morning. We share our responses internally to keep everyone updated. However what I want to highlight is how this question takes advantage of a pattern we share with teams just like yours…

On Monday, we’re at our most inspired, most proactive, and busiest.

I’ll say it in a different way. On Monday, we plan more and do more. We set the tone for the week and hit a high note in terms of quantity of work...

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Use Zapier to Automate Task Creation in Flow

By Cyrus on September 15, 2014

Zapier + Flow

Zapier is a service that connects apps together. You can automate task creation in Flow using Zapier - and, in doing so, you can cut out repetitive work. How? By setting up Task Creation Rules that run in the background.

Here’s what to do.

In Zapier, choose your trigger, and then choose your action to Send Email. You’ll send the emails to, as you see here.

First, choose to send an email as your resulting action (to create a Flow task).

If you’re using Flow with a Gmail...

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Create Flow Tasks from Your Inbox

By Jessie on September 8, 2014

You can create a task in Flow just by emailing the task to

So let’s say someone sends you an email about a task you or your team should work on. Instead of opening a new tab and going to Flow to create the task, you would simply:

  1. Hit ‘forward’ on the email
  2. Enter in the "To" field
  3. Edit the subject line so it describes the task you want to add to Flow

The subject line becomes the task. So, in the subject line, enter the @name of the person you want...

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