Upcoming Calendar

By Jake on November 7, 2011

The Upcoming list is Flow’s second most popular view. It’s easy to see why—it’s the quickest way to get a no-frills overview of what you have to do today and what’s coming up. Today, we’re very proud to introduce a huge improvement to Upcoming: calendars.

Upcoming calendar view

Now you can view your tasks by day, week, and month, or in the same list you’ve been used to. Not only are calendars a great way to see what’s on your plate, they’re a great way to organize it. Create new tasks, drag them between days, and preview and edit details—all from the calendar views.

Task detail pop-up

The calendar views feature our new task detail pop-ups: hover over the title of any task to see its details and description. We liked these so much that we added them to every list view, too, where they’ve replaced the previous description-only pop-ups.

We hope you’re as pleased with these improvements as we are!

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